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 Father john canavan


Father John, of the Archdiocese of Detroit, passed away January 19, 2016. He is survived by a sister and two brothers, along with many nieces and nephews.
Father John attended the Trade School. He played intramural and Varsity Baseball and Basketball earning Craftsman letters in both sports in ’43,’ 44’, and ’45. After graduation in June 1945, John joined the U.S. Army and served his Country as a paratrooper. 

 jo ann randall

    1937 - 2015

Passed away suddenly October 20, 2015. Beloved wife of Duane Randall, Class ’52. Jo Ann and Duane were frequent attendees at our various events. 

 Charles Mullins


Charles passed away January 10 2002 at the age 78 years.. He enrolled in the Trade School September 28, 1939 and graduated Class of June, 1942, “M” Section.
While at School he played Intramural Basketball and Baseball. His ambition was to be a Toolmaker and his hobby was Woodworking. Charles was a member of the Alumni Association, joining in1977.

 fontichiaro bernadino


Bernie passed away December 12, 2015. Loving husband of the late Marie. He will be dearly missed by many family members.
Bernie enrolled in the Ford Trade School September 18, 1941 and graduated June 16, 1944.
He retired from the Ford Motor Company and was active in the UAW-CIO Scholarship Committee.
Bernie joined the Trade School Alumni Association in March 1973. He was an active recruiter of members and became President of the Association in 1986. Bernie enjoyed attending many of the functions of the Alumni Association and was often the first arrival. He was one of the two remaining Life Members.



Viril passed away October 11, 2015. Beloved husband of Mary (deceased). Survived by many loving family members.
He was a graduate of the Trade School, Class ’45. Retired from the Ford Motor Company. Virl served his Country proudly in the U.S. Navy in WWII. He is entered in the Data Base of U.S. Honorees in Washington D.C.
He was a member of the Alumni Association and had recently joined the Retirees Club, Virl joined the Association in 1997.


 rita miller


Rita passed away at the age of 96. She was a loyal member of the Retirees Club of the Alumni Association. No more information is available at this time.


 Lyn Bodnar

Lyn (Lillian) Bodnar

Beloved wife of John Bodnar, passed away August 18, 2015. Loving mother of Jack, (Melissa), Jill, (Swanstrom).
Lyn and Jack were members of the HFTS Alumni Retiree’s Club for many years. She was the joke teller of the club and never failed to produce a knee slapper or two.
Lyn was even the President of the Retiree’s. Her letters to the Club were a bright spot in the meetings.


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