1. To preserve and perpetuate the incidents and memories of our Association as Students of the Henry Ford Trade School and commemorate our appreciation of Henry Ford, its founder, and the Teachers, for the benefits received.
  2. To preserve and promote the integrity, industry, technical skill, and honor instilled by training received at the Henry Ford Trade School, and to develop and inculcate respect for such virtues by whatever means possible.
  3. To foster and cultivate the social, educational and business relations of the Members, to broaden their interests in the pursuance of their occupations and professions and to improve their standards of efficiency and productivity.
  4. To provide a means for interchange of ideas and rendering of mutual assistance and to provide helpful vocatational advice and guidance not only to our membership but to anyone who in our estimation will use that advice and guidance to further these aims and purposes.
  5. To encourage among former students of the Henry Ford Trade School closer personal acquaintance and a friendly spirit of cooperation.
  6. To assist in any matters pertaining to the welfare and advancement of the members, to inspire in our Membership a sense of responsibility, and to develop the qualities of sound leadership.
  7. To establish in keeping with the policies of our Association a concrete plan whereby the technical skills and knowledge taught us by the founder and teachers of the Henry Ford Trade School can be passed on and instilled in others.
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