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Henry Ford Trade School was opened October twenty fifth, nineteen hundred sixteen, with six boys and one instructor. In 1931 the enrollment rose to 2800, with 135 instructors. The time for students was divided between the school shop and the classroom where customary high school subjects were studied.


The school was organized to give needy boys an opportunity to help support themselves and to retain their interest in education. To accomplish the first purpose, each boy was awarded a cash scholarship which was paid to him regularly.


Incorporated under a Michigan statute, the school was operated as a non-profit enterprise. It had a floor space of about three acres set apart for its exclusive use. All the equipment in the class and shop departments was the best.....

"SANDERS Fun Facts"

Easter Goodies


Accident or Masterpiece?—
On a hot summer day in 1875, Sanders concocted what was to be believed the first ice-cream soda! According to legend Fred created the drink when the milk and cream turned sour one busy afternoon. Not wanting to disappoint his customers, Sanders substituted ice cream, and the drink was an immediate success.

Henry Ford worked for Sanders—
Sanders was one of the first companies in Detroit to use electric motors to run equipment. As a new source of technology the motors would often break down. When Fred Sanders grew tired of the "faulty motor" he threatened to throw it out. Edison talked Sanders into giving the motor another try and sent over a repair man. That repair man was the young Henry Ford, who worked as a mechanic at Edison Illuminating Company before he started Ford Motor Company.

A True Visionary—
In the early 1900s the Sanders family owned one of the first electric automobiles; it provided much amusement for the early skeptics. The “electric “ seemed to have a temperamental streak; it would bring the family downtown in grand style, but once parked in front of the Sanders store it would refuse to run except in reverse.


Henry Ford Trade School Alumni Association creates Lawrence Tech scholarship fund

Release Date: January 20, 2015

The Henry Ford Trade School Alumni Association has donated $750,000 to create an endowed scholarship fund for undergraduate mechanical engineering students at Lawrence Technological University.

The donation is among the top 10 largest gifts ever received by the University to establish an endowed scholarship, and the largest for scholarships from an organization. Interest income from the endowment will provide need-based scholarship assistance to recipients.

Read more: Henry Ford Trade School Alumni Association creates Lawrence Tech scholarship fund

Editorial in The Detroit News, February 25, 2015

From alums of Henry Ford Trade School, an investment Editorial in The Detroit News, February 25, 2015 America can learn a lesson from these retirees. It has been more than 60 years since the last students graduated from the Henry Ford Trade School, and the school’s remaining alumni are now in their 80s and 90s. But we should all pay attention to what they have to say about the value of education.

Read more: Editorial in The Detroit News, February 25, 2015

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